Solar Power Project for STEM Students

Are you interested in electronics? Engineering? Sustainability? Solar power?

Just want to help with a cool and impor­tant project?

Then this project might be for you! A stu­dent has cre­at­ed a design for a solar pow­ered charg­ing sta­tion (cell phones, lap­tops, etc) to be placed in the com­mon area of the Sci­ence Build­ing on the Brock­ton cam­pus. He has a gen­er­al pro­to­type but we need a group of stu­dents to get to project com­plet­ed. We will need to design and build a hous­ing for the unit as well as work with facil­i­ties to over­see the instal­la­tion. It is a high pro­file project and will be well adver­tised and pro­mot­ed around cam­pus. Many mem­bers of the admin­is­tra­tion are excit­ed to see these kinds of stu­dent dri­ven projects. A GREAT project to put on your resume!

If you are inter­est­ed, please email LeeAnn Grig­gs and we can get a small group togeth­er. Once we have a few inter­est­ed stu­dents, we will set up a meet­ing time and date to get this project moving!

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