Journal Club Article for February 14th, 2020

Join the STEM Research Interns for a Jour­nal Club meet­ing on Fri­day, Febrary 14th at 12:00PM in S538.

The arti­cle to be dis­cussed is “Decreas­ing Abun­dance, Increas­ing Diver­si­ty and Chang­ing Struc­ture of the Wild Bee Com­mu­ni­ty (Hymenoptera: Anthophi­la) Along an Urban­iza­tion Gra­di­ent,” writ­ten by Lau­ra For­tel et. al. and pub­lished in the Pub­lic Library of Science.

The pre­sen­ter for this week’s Jour­nal Club will be Jared Cullen, a STEM Research Intern at Massasoit.


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