STEM Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Ever felt that you could get more out of a STEM class? Mas­sas­oit STEM’s Sup­ple­men­tal Instruc­tion (SI) could be a great option. We have designed the SI pro­gram to address some of these com­mon stu­dent concerns:

  • I can pass a math class, but I am not con­fi­dent in my over­all math ability.
  • I mem­o­rize for an exam, then for­get most of it.
  • I am not achiev­ing con­cep­tu­al under­stand­ing or broad­er perspective.
  • I am wor­ried about being pre­pared, even though I passed the pre­req­ui­site class.

SI ses­sions are cur­rent­ly avail­able in math and chem­istry. These week­ly ses­sions are not tutor­ing or a place to get help with home­work; SI coach­es will help you devel­op habits that will pro­mote inde­pen­dent learn­ing, and how to under­stand the con­cepts and appli­ca­tions of what­ev­er top­ic you are address­ing. It may be our Math SI that you are attend­ing, but many of the things you learn will help in oth­er class­es as well.

Fall 2022 SI Schedule:

Math & Physics (Prisca Sanon)
Monday–Friday, 2:00–3:00 PM EST
S101 (Brock­ton Cam­pus), or via Zoom
If you are inter­est­ed in attend­ing SI but can­not attend at the times list­ed above, please email Pro­fes­sor Sanon.

Chem­istry (Christi­na Orazine)