Month: September 2018

Journal Club Article for September 28

Join the STEM Research Interns for a Jour­nal Club meet­ing on Fri­day, Sept­meber 28 at 12:00PM in S538. The arti­cle to be dis­cussed is “Effects of expe­ri­ence and weath­er on for­ag­ing rate and pollen ver­sus nec­tar col­lec­tion in the bum­ble­bee, Bom­bus ter­restris”. This week’s ses­sion will be pre­sent­ed by Belun­da Moi­se, STEM Research intern.

Now Accepting Internship Applications

The ongo­ing research project at Mas­sas­oit Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege attempts to help answer a ques­tion that is shared by many ecol­o­gists and oth­er sci­en­tists around the world: “How does human activ­i­ty alter the world we live in?” The answer to this ques­tion has obvi­ous exis­ten­tial val­ue to every human on earth. It is also obvi­ous that …

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